About us

Going beyond what schools have accomplished before...

About GEMS Nations Academy - Dubai | Offering an Enhance American Curriculum for students from KG to Grade 9.

Our Vision

To offer the premier educational experience where students will develop 21st century intellectual and academic skills, a life-long passion for learning, an appreciation for diversity and beauty, a global perspective, an inclination to innovate, and the qualities of character that will allow them to make their greatest contribution.

Our Mission

To graduate future leaders and responsible global citizens by developing every child’s potential for creativity, character, and academic achievement.

Our Purpose

All over the world, schools are slow to incorporate new research on learning and motivation. Fields as diverse as genetics and the neuroscience of the brain are brimming with new findings. But schools have essentially remained the same, teaching standard content to the mid-range student, and failing to provide the excitement of a rich and stimulating program to all learners.

The very definition of intelligence is shifting from rote memorization to design thinking, inquiry, and insight. GEMS Nations Academy will implement a program that distinguishes us as a center of academic excellence. We are utilizing advanced teaching pedagogy, based on Harvard Project Zero, a system developed at Harvard University School of Education that will serve as a map for all our teachers in every subject and at every grade level; all expertly guided by our team of top educational professionals.

‘Our advanced teaching pedagogy is based on Harvard Project Zero, a system developed at Harvard University School of Education’

GEMS Nations Academy stays ahead of the curve in innovation. Our facilities are of bold and creative design, with inspiring interior spaces housing technology-rich learning environments. The campus goes beyond state-of-the-art, not only in expanding the frame for teaching and learning but also in advanced systems for ventilation, cooling, and natural lighting. In its cutting-edge design, the facility captures the forward-looking character of the UAE by saving energy while optimizing the spaces for teaching and learning. From its conception, the plan for GEMS Nations Academy has made provision for the cultivation of an unprecedented degree of student engagement and creativity while leveraging the best GEMS programs through strategic collaboration with GEMS schools around the world, from Singapore to the US.

The enhanced American curriculum forms the basis of our educational program, with a balance of academic rigor and a broad range of extracurricular experiences to develop intellectual, social, emotional, artistic, and physical competencies. The latest research in the field of education confirms that an engaging program, full of inquiry, exploration, conversation, and discovery is its own reward for children.

At GEMS Nations Academy, we go beyond convention in the quality of teaching, program richness, student engagement, and future focus. Our purpose is to tap into every child’s potential for creativity, cognitive growth, and academic achievement. Our next-generation learning environment equips students with the 21st century skills that will enhance their chance of success in the future by intensifying the life of the mind in the present. Unsurprisingly, the entire family is enriched when a child finds this kind of inspiration at school.

Our broad program of academic offerings extends beyond the walls of the classroom. An essential dimension of the American experience is the vibrant extra-curricular life of the school on sports teams, school clubs and activities, and student government. We know that these activities contribute to the cultivation of valuable character traits like perseverance, commitment, collaboration, fairness, and leadership. The creative side of each student will be encouraged and developed too, in music and arts, dance and drama. There is abundant evidence now that serious engagement in the arts develops that part of the brain that recognizes patterns, that leaps to creative solutions, and that celebrates that which is beautiful.

Students from GEMS American curriculum schools have been accepted into the best universities and colleges in the world, including seven out of the eight Ivy League Schools in the United States and twelve of the top fifteen universities in the world.

Nations students benefit from a dedicated College Counselling team who are there for your child from day one. They begin advising students during their middle-school years, not only getting to know our Nations families but also building relationships with the colleges that will be the choice options for our graduates.

‘A dedicated College Counsellor is there for students from day one, to help guide their future and the path to higher education; and recruited from the admission teams of the leading Ivy League Universities’