GEMS Education, Nations Academy and Carnegie Mellon University Partner

Leading Innovation in Robotics for KG1-12th Grade

GEMS Education and Nations Academy have announced a long-term partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE Lab.

The knowledge and dispositions necessary to create with robotics and programming languages are now 21st-century imperatives. With Trillions of networked microchips transforming our contemporary and near future lives in critical ways, education in these subjects has never been more important. Nations Academy is designed with a pioneering curriculum where robotics, programming languages and the Internet of Things are integrated into every classroom. Starting in KG1, Nations Academy’s students understand, apply and contribute to the world through computational thinking, design, and the creation of robotics projects with real world connection and application. 

The Nations Academy curriculum has been well planned and our teachers are well trained. Teachers and Co-Teachers were selected on their proven track record of excellence, experience and their ability to see learning in new and intellectually stimulating ways. As early as the summer of 2016, teachers and co-teachers joined senior leadership at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Media Lab and other sites to learn how robotics, programming languages and the internet of things could integrate into a student-centered curriculum. They learned and created with luminaries in the fields of computational thinking, robotics and education. 

Once teachers arrived in Dubai for our orientation month in July, the training continued in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Every Teacher and Co-Teacher continued their training in robotics and programming language with three days of "hands-on-minds-on" workshops. These dynamic workshops are part of an ongoing professional learning program ensuring that teachers not only know how to code and build robotics but that they can design these crucial areas of study into their everyday classroom curriculum.  Our partnership with CMU ensures that a research-backed approach to robotics, programming language and internet of things are interwoven into our rigorous and standards aligned curriculum on a daily basis.

One thing is for certain. When you arrive, be prepared to meet "Finch" and learn the foundations of computational thinking in KG2, re-create the cell with hummingbird robotics in 8th Grade science and much more. Step inside Nations Academy and you will see CMU CREATE Lab inspired projects in classrooms across the school and exactly what a future focused school looks like.