Science & technology

STEM Education delivered in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE Lab

We place high importance on science and technology when it comes to helping students develop 21st century skills that will serve them well at school and even beyond. At every stage, our new school will pair innovative teaching methods with new digital communication tools to form a network of connected, creative learners.

Nations Academy is designed with a pioneering curriculum where robotics, programming languages and the Internet of Things are integrated into every classroom. Starting in KG1, Nations Academy’s students understand, apply and contribute to the world through computational thinking, design, and the creation of robotics projects with real world connection and application. 

The program will provide a range of resources that enable our educators to deliver projects and lessons focused on the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) that are important for so many careers in today’s rapidly advancing world. With a broad base of study modules aimed at assisting Elementary through to High School, Nations Academy will prepare our students with the 21st century skill-set to become the leaders and problem-solvers of the future.

Our emphasis on design will be manifest in makerspaces that will inspire a shift from thinking like a consumer to thinking like a producer. Developing the innovative mindset, we will provide time and space for students to make, hack, tweak, explore, and invent, in classrooms, labs, and purpose-built studios.

‘Emphasis on a learning progression in computer coding, our ‘third language’, from simple control routines to sophisticated programming structures for real-world problem-solving’

Technology will be deployed to support both personalized and self-directed learning. Students will have access to learning content and online teaching assistance in and out of school to support their learning.