Student experience

Leadership opportunities of all sorts—in art, drama, public speaking, academics and athletics

Student leadership

Leadership opportunities of all sorts—in art, drama, public speaking, and athletics - are peppered throughout our school so that students of all ages and stages can engage, learn and build their leadership capacity.

Personalized & enhanced learning

Every child entering GEMS Nations Academy has a personalized learning experience. The individual needs of each student are identified and appropriate experiences are fostered to support positive academic and social outcomes.

Global citizenship

Nations students are introduced to the challenges and opportunities of our world so that they become:

  • Internationally-minded
  • Responsible global citizens and environmental stewards
  • Develop a predisposition toward action

GEMS students celebrate the similarities among people of the world while developing deeper understandings of our differences. With understanding comes acceptance of diversity - the key to international mindedness and a more positive world view.

Community initiatives

While we are confident that our students will achieve high marks academically, what will set them apart will be their contributions to the greater good of the community. We encourage a sense of responsibility by involving students in community engagement activities that reveal their own inner strength as well as their concern for others.